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22.06.2009 - The Hemp Society welcomes a new fighter !!!!!

We proudly announce k1llsen as our newest member. Everybody in the Q3 Community should know him, if you don`t, you are a geek and perhaps you should think about hanging yourself! cite nelson: HAAAAW HAAAAW! Everybody of us wishes you a good time inside our precious society, a lot of frags, fun and perhaps the one or other success!

19.06.2009 - Invitation to Avalon Trophy !

Today the Hemp Society got invited to the Avalon Trophy, which starts at 22.06 and finishes in the middle of june. The trophy is devided in 5 gaming days, the playoffs and the final. Our first enemy will be #veare at Tuesday 23.06 22:oo MEZ. For further information visit! Thanks for the invitation and a lot of fun for everybody participating in the trophy!

17.06.2009 - The Hemp Society bashes qah!

After some days of delay we finally reared up against each other and had a nice and short fight on dm14 (10:3) and dm20 (10:4). Of course on these maps a camping festival took place, but we could rush them effectivly and bring the first victory home.

07.06.2009 - The Hemp Society lost against acme!

Today we met acme in our second esl cup match and lost both maps! We are looking forward! What some people call the present, we call the past, so they are way behind ! *stolen from FOTC*

01.06.2009 - The Hemp Society says bye!

We gotta tell you with a teardrop in our eyes that gruad has left our team and starts looking forward into the future.

31.05.2009 - The Hemp Society gets a bash from druidz! They used their magic!!!

Our first match against druidz in the ESL Cup ended 3:22. The Druidz clearly were the better team and had no problem to beat. For further information/report visit the  ESL site.

22.05.2009 - The Hemp Society awaits the first ESL Cup match vs. #druidz

The matches for the ESL 5on5 Grand Cup are online. Our first fight will be against one of the biggest swedish e-gaming clan #druidz. For further information look up our clanwars section. Druidz lineup for the cup is: cixot, ecorze, Kalo, p1Ngu, peaz, POOMER, rawx, snajp, Spawnizen.

Not an easy task, but possible!
Lets start to practice for next sunday! Yiiihaaa

26.05.2009 - The Hemp Society welcomes old and new fighters ...

We proudly announce, that the Hemp Society is growing again. The talented Oldschool-Ra3 Kampfsäue RoE, AimStaR, Jada, fitmaster, kleinerdruffi aka snaker and our newiest members storM4president, pedobaer, liliQ as well as jack0r found their way through the civlized world jungle boogie back to our headquaters. We wish you all the best, a lot fun, frags and cräizy shit talks inside the ruins of the The Hemp Society.

21.05.2009 - The Hemp Society says "YES" to WG Party in Frankfurt City!

Tomorrow will be a big party in the place of ronjo. Just be free to invite as many people as you want to come to his home in Frankfurt City! I wish everybody a lot of fun and don`t forget to vomit in is shoes and cupboard, as well as his bed! Thanks!

20.05.2009  - The Hemp Society spreads the wings...

Our steadily growing crazy hord will devide itself into different underground sections. If the exponential increasing membership number of badass motherfuckers won`t stagnate, we will takeover Germany soon. Bundestagswahl 2009, vote for the canditate of the Hemp Society! Another reason why we did this step, is to secure, that a decent teamplay will accumulate.

14.05.2009 - The Hemp Society @ ESL 5n5 Cup

The Hemp Society  will participate in the ESL 5vs5 Cup. We wish everyone  some pleasent rounds to fight in and of course a lot of fun! And perhaps a bloody nose against us! Hihihi...

13.05.2009 - The Hemp Society Revival !!!

After years of abscence from the Quake 3 surface, the Hemp Society is back on the line! We`ve been fighting for a long time in the big city guerilla struggle without success. The world stays as it is. Now we came back from the underground to stir up the bleak Quake Live Community.

The Hemp Society unites old and new stars of the Quake firmament. Most of the mempers float inbetween the Northsea ( Meldorf ) and the Taunus mountain range ( Butzbach ). Everyone is busy drowning, we float! If you wanna know how we do it, just take a look at our channel, and experience what hemp can do with you. Be careful!
Dangerous !!!!1

If you wanna reach know how!

 -Quakenet #t-h-s

...well so far, the Hemp Society wishes you countless Impressive`s and Holy Shit`s !

Legalize it! Excuse me while I light my spliff, oh I gotta take a lift, cause from reality I just can`t drift, that`s why I`m staying with the spliff...





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